Allies for Teens In Foster Care was started to address the appalling statistics related to kids most in need of care from the community. Over the past two years, with the generosity of the community, thousands of dollars worth of goods and gift cards have been donated to group homes in the area.

Allies believes the community would better help these vulnerable, talented kids if they knew how. Allies strives to be a bridge from the resources in the community to the teens and adult caregivers, who desperately need them.

  • 20% – Percent of the homeless youth are aging out of foster care

  • 12 – The age some kids can enter most group homes

  • 49 – The number of group homes in Milwaukee County

  • 630 – The number of 13 -18 year olds in foster care in Milwaukee County

  • 1 – Number of people it takes to make a difference

  • 70% – Percent of female foster youth pregnant by age 21

  • 62% – Percent of sex trafficking victims 25 and younger reported missing from out of home care

  • 50% – Percent of youth who age out of foster care developing substance abuse problems

  • 25% – Percent of youth aging out of foster care without a high school degree

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