Allies is always looking to partner with girl scout groups, boy scouts, key clubs, sports teams, or other school and community groups looking for a way to give back.

Allies will happily have a Facetime call with any group holding a fundraiser to help kids understand the good they are doing by helping other kids.

Here are some ideas for KID ALLIES fundraising activities. But feel free to come up with your own!

We have included a link to an article for Kids Giving Back on the importance of kid volunteering.


Kids Giving Back

It only takes one person to make a difference to someone else’s life

Looking around us, we see a world where our children are all too often immersed in the worlds of computer and tv screens, and removed from real-life experiences.

Volunteering immerses our children in real life, helping others, and interacting with people from all walks of life. In volunteering, our children discover their own strengths and qualities and use these to help others. Some consider it a preventive ingredient to balance our children from the materialistic consumer world we live in.

Volunteering is a two-way street, giving children and their families an opportunity to change lives, including their own.


Organize a Movie Party

Invite friends to watch a movie, could even be Instant Family (PG-13) or Annie(2014 version, PG), two great films with foster care as a theme. Make popcorn or bake cookies. Tell friends why you are inviting them over and ask for a $5 donation for a ticket.

Walk Dogs, or Pet Sit

Write a note to your neighbors and ask if you can pet sit or walk dogs sometime in the month of July. Tell them why you are working and raising money. It could lead to future gigs!

Water or Pull Weeds

Everyone loves flowers, but maintaining flowers can be work. Write a note and ask neighbors or grandparents if you can help make their flower beds pretty! Maybe a neighbor is leaving town – you could help them out by watering the plants.

Lemonade Stand

Simple and Effective. Put up a sign letting your customers know why you are raising money and start selling.  You could even make some homemade cookies and sell those too. Sell on your block, or at a siblings baseball game. Who wouldn’t buy cookies or lemonade when you’re there for two hours!

Car Wash

Almost everyone owns a car, and almost everyone likes their cars to look good. Go door to door in your neighborhood, letting them know about your service. It could be a fun activity with friends.

Play or Karaoke Night

Put on a play, maybe write your own even, or karaoke night. Make a poster and invite your friends and family. Put out a hat for donations at the end. Tell your audience why you are performing


Read to little kids on your block. Make a bookmark and give to the mom of little kid you know. Say you are raising money for kids in foster care and ask for a $1 donation for each big book, or maybe $2 for a bunch of little books you read.

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