Even free public school is expensive. Parents are constantly asked for money for yearbooks, fundraisers, spirit wear, school trips, water bottles. What if you have no parents to ask for help.

Allies for Teens in Foster Care – Micro Grant Programs

Who Can Request? Teens in group homes can request items… Group home employees, social workers, school councillors, first responders and teachers may make requests on behalf of students.

What Qualifies for Funding? Allies Micro-Grant programs will fund items needed for a specific class, extra- curricular activity, or special interest. Examples of items for funding include, art supplies, sports equipment, tutoring, summer camp fees, SUGGESTIONS.

Turn Around Time? Allies will fund qualified requests in “teen time.” As long as quarterly funds last, grants could be funded within hours.


When bringing over supplies to a group home at Christmastime I asked a manager how the girls and the house received heigene items. She stated she got some from the state but they did not use some items for the girls because they cause cancer. The well meaning manager did not have accurate health information. The teens did not have an adult in their home to get self-care information. Teens do better engaging in conversation over a meal or while participating in an art project. Several two hour self care sessions will be offered to house managers to discuss real issues in a teens life.

It is my hope to provide teens all girls in foster care (including young adults between 18 and 21) access to high quality tampons and other hygiene items free of charge so that teens and care givers do not have to chooses between tampons and any of the countless other needs of teenagers including food, clothing and social engagement.  I am looking for help to understand the true estimate of the cost for these items.

All Great Change in America Begins at the Dinner Table – Ronald Reagan


Group home managers can request items needed for the homes or repairs needed for the home.

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